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XLImport is a command line utility (generally run in a Command Prompt in Windows, or from a Batch File) which allows for completely automated, unattended importing of text files (tab delimited) into either an existing Excel spreadsheet or a new one.

XLImport essentially automates the process of manually using Excel to import an external text file. This can be a very powerful tool for users who need to repeatedly create spreadsheets from source text files, including when they want specific formatting for individual columns.

XLImport also is capable of specifying a Total function that builds a new row at the bottom of the data, and also to invoke Excel's SubTotal feature.

Example Usages:

Simplest usage; imports test.txt into a plain test.xls with no extra formatting, etc. This is equivalent to performing a manual import with Excel, as are most of the methods of using XLImport.
XLImport test.txt test.xls
This example sets the sheet name and requests a SubTotal be defined to Sum column 4 at every change in column 1.

XLImport "-SN:My Sheet Name" -SubTotal:1:Sum:4 test.txt test.xls

You can view the full usage (all options are described) for the current version at this page.

XLImport requires Microsoft Excel to be installed on the same PC. It has been tested on Windows 95+ and Excel 97 through 2010.

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