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An Outlook VBA script that automatically saves all sent e-mail to the file system

Outlookx is a command line utility (generally run in a Command Prompt in Windows, or from a Batch File) which completely automates export of data from Outlook to text files.

Example Usages:

Outlookx Contacts Contacts.txt
Exports all basic contact information to a tab-delimited file named Contacts.txt
Outlookx ContactProps Props.txt
Exports a list of all Contact property names
Outlookx ContactDistLists Lists.txt
Exports all Distribution Lists to a tab-delimited text file named Lists.txt

View the full usage (all options are described) for the current version at this page.
Options are available to select only specific contact properties and control column and row delimiters.

Outlookx requires Microsoft Outlook to be installed on the same PC.

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