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Friday, May 15, 2009 2:20 pm CDT

Contact Groups

Contact Groups is a new Enterprise System customized standard application for maintaining lists of Contacts.

Enterprise System contains a central Contacts table with information about people. The table is a superset of the Messaging Application Program Interface (MAPI) address book layout.

Any number of lists of Contacts may be maintained in the the tables ContGrps and ContGrp. ContGrps contains a row for each group of contacts defined. ContGrps.GrpID is the identifier and ContGrps.Name is the descriptive name of the list. ContGrp contains only a GrpID and ContactNumber.

The new Contact Groups application make it easy to review and maintain the lists of contacts.

Like all standard apps in Enterprise System, a tool interface is provided for you to create and maintain your own tools to perform data manipulations, or any other operation, to streamline your use of Contact Groups.