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Wednesday, May 20, 2009 12:30pm CDT

Items Update

The Items standard application has been changed to provide new features which give you complete control over the codes you use.

The fields: ItemDesc.CC, MGrp, TaxClass, StorageCodes, Code, ItemUnit.Unit, Status have been changed to have the standard CodesDropDown feature.

The Enterprise Server software has been changed to provide data-driven codes support for ItemUnit.Unit, Status.

A lookup on the ItemLoc (Item Location) table has been add for the ItemUnit.BinLoc field. If you elect to discipline your BinLoc fields throughout the system, uncheck "Allow BinLoc not in ItemLoc" in the Policy application (this is on the Inventory tab). With this setting, BinLoc values are only allowed when found in the ItemLoc table. Check this Policy box to use any value you want in the BinLoc fields. The new lookup on the ItemLoc table makes it easy to select a valid BinLoc from the ItemLoc table when the Policy box is unchecked.

The ItemUnit.UnitCount, Cost, Inventry.Cost have been changed to be required in the application. These columns have always been required by the server software, but this change tells the application itself that they are required to avoid a post to the server when any of these are blank.

The CodesDropDown feature for the columns listed inserts a DropDown button to the right of the field which contains a list of the codes and short descriptions as you define them in the Codes application. You may check the Required box to require a code, and the Exclusive box to indicate that only the codes you define in the codes table are allowed.

These features in Enterprise System allow complete control over the codes you use without the need to customize the software, and are among the many features that implement a data-driven approach to system design.